Success through friction

Evonik and zweikern optimize Change Management

Evonik Industries and zweikern are setting new standards in recruiting by optimizing change-management. Through customized change-monitoring systems and leadership development, they are building an open feedback culture. This partnership proves that innovation and the courage to change pave the way for a successful future in recruiting.

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New paths in recruiting

Evonik and zweikern's unique approach to change

In an era where traditional methods often fall short, innovative solutions are needed to stay competitive. Evonik, an industry leader in specialty chemicals, faced a significant challenge in recruiting and made an uncharacteristic choice for a corporation in selecting its project partner.

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The redesign of processes and structures

Evonik Industries was faced with the need to make procedural and structural changes in recruiting. Instead of taking the traditional route of turning to large consulting firms, Evonik opted for a bold and innovative approach. The choice fell on zweikern, a company known for its tailored and future-oriented solutions.

This decision reflected Evonik's intent to do more than just talk about change; it underscored their commitment to create real transformations and to forge new paths.

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New opportunities

Specific change monitoring with zweikern Analytics

With zweikern Analytics, zweikern developed a change monitoring system tailored specifically for Evonik. It aided in identifying areas for development, deriving development measures, and verifying their effectiveness.

Through this customized approach, specific challenges within the company could be precisely addressed. The continuous analysis and assessment enabled agile responses to changes and significantly contributed to the successful implementation of the transformation objectives.

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A necessary foundation

Leadership skills as the framework for change

Through continuous change monitoring analyses, zweikern has gained profound insights into areas of development related to corporate cultural factors. Guided by zweikern, the results of these analyses served as a basis for reflecting on leadership behavior. The subsequent measures that were derived contributed to the sustainable development of leadership skills.

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My experience with zweikern was exceptional

Referenz Philipp Meyer Galow Evonik
Philipp Meyer-Galow
Head of Attract & Recruit

As an HR leader responsible for Recruiting at Evonik, I have had the pleasure of working with Andreas and Jonas from zweikern. My experience with zweikern has been exceptional, particularly in the area of impactful leadership development, one to one coaching, and deep cultural challenging to enhance our German Recruiting organization. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable in helping us identify and develop our leaders and teams, and in creating a culture of excellence within our organization. I highly recommend Zweikern to any company looking to improve their leadership and organizational effectiveness. Their professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to their clients are truly outstanding, and working with them has been an outright joyful experience. Thank you, zweikern, for your partnership and support!

A culture of collaboration

Feedback culture and community building

The changes within the company necessitated more intensive communication between the existing interfaces in recruiting. With the support of zweikern, Evonik succeeded in building a specialized recruiting community designed to strengthen the sense of unity among departments and promote collaboration.

In addition, feedback guidelines were established that not only served as a foundation but also drove the development of an open and honest feedback culture within Evonik.

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Impressive and implemented with passion

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Christian Bender
HR Business Mangagement

When I took over the responsibility for our change project, the project was already well underway. During my first meeting with the zweikern team, I was immediately struck by their refreshing and energetic approach. The motivation zweikern displayed to not only comfortably involve the employees of our organization in the change but also to initiate a real transformation in our leadership and collaboration culture was both impressive and passionately implemented. zweikern was willing to take nonconformist positions against leaders and employees to clearly highlight development needs and pursue ambitious goals. Ultimately, it was precisely these induced controversies, brought to the table and discussed, that sparked a change in thinking. If you're looking for a partner who doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but measures you against your own goals, supports you diligently in achieving those goals, and candidly highlights deficits, then zweikern is exactly the right fit for you.

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