This is how sustained development of leadership skills succeeded

Global development of leadership competencies

Learn why one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies chose to partner with zweikern to build leadership competencies. The challenge was to integrate a theoretical value construct into daily work in a way that resonates with the people in the organization.

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The transfer of values

From theory to daily business: achieving sustainable leadership development

Formulating leadership theories and translating them into so-called leadership guidelines is often straightforward. Creating glossy brochures can also be accomplished with ease. However, the real challenge arises when these theoretical constructs need to be implemented in everyday practice. For this demanding task, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies decided to bring zweikern on board as a project partner for their locations in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, and Singapore.

Varies from team to team

Lean Leadership: reflection of theory at the team level

Values like transparency, appreciation, and presence are well-known to anyone working in a corporate context, but their interpretation varies from person to person. At zweikern, we have focused on identifying and understanding these differences at the team level across various locations. By employing measures to reflect on the already established guidelines, we have created personalized content that was taken into account when creating a feedback questionnaire.

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New opportunities

Analysis of leadership competencies using zweikern Analytics

For the development of leadership skills, a solid foundation for reflection is essential to allow leaders to critically examine their own behavior. zweikern Analytics was used to deploy feedback surveys, which were conducted quarterly.

Different perspectives from various hierarchical levels were taken into account to evaluate leadership behavior. The results of the feedback analyses were automatically calculated and pre-interpreted by zweikern Analytics. In this way, each leader received real-time insight into their individual areas for development.

The high frequency of feedback surveys also enabled continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the implemented development measures to ensure that the desired outcomes were achieved.

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I couldn't have been more wrong

Referenz Zitat Ralf Eisenbrandt
Ralf Eisenbrandt
Former Site Head Small Molecules Basel

When I first met zweikern, I thought I was just getting another questionnaire tool presentation. I couldn't have been more wrong. Collaborating with zweikern led to a comprehensive approach that was accepted across the entire location right from the first feedback round. More importantly, the results weren't just shelved afterward but triggered further feedback rounds and a series of group and 1-on-1 interactions. These were essentially accepted by about 90% of the employees, and convinced 75% of them that their managers had become better leaders. To be clear, the work of becoming a better leader is still an individual task, but without zweikern, we wouldn't be where we are now! In short, we were able to enhance positive leadership behavior in a meaningful and sustainable way in a short period of time with zweikern Analytics and the zweikern team.

What happens after the results?

Follow-Up and support of the organization

Every analysis is only as good as the follow-up process that is initiated based on it. The entire development process, which was built on the results of the survey, was co-developed by zweikern. At the same time, it was essential for zweikern to build competencies in dealing with results, so that teams at different levels could steer their own development measures.

This approach led to increased trust-building between different hierarchical levels as well as at the interfaces within the organization.

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3000+ users are very satisfied

Referenz Zitat Ashish Modi
Ashish Modi
Operational Excellence

I have collaborated with zweikern for the last three years and used their tool to collect feedback on the leadership behavior of our managers. The tool is simple and user-friendly in its application, yet sophisticated in its reporting capabilities. The partnership with zweikern is based on mutual trust. The zweikern team is highly professional and customer-oriented. They consistently go above and beyond in supporting their clients. Over 3000+ users are very satisfied with zweikern Analytics and the support they receive.


Conclusion: consistency in developing leadership skills

The sustainable development of leadership skills requires more than just theory and glossy brochures. Through the partnership with zweikern, the development of leadership skills was successfully implemented in practice, achieving a lasting impact. With real-time analyses of leadership behavior and continuous evaluation of the quality of implemented measures, a continuous improvement process was established that is accepted in everyday life and not perceived as an external imposition.

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