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With zweikern, you'll dust off your leadership

zweikern revolutionizes your leadership culture. With our analytics software and individual consulting approaches, we strengthen leaders and promote sustained corporate development. Measurable, effective, targeted. Dust off your leadership and boost competencies.

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Leadership has a major impact

No room for monarchy

The inherent corporate culture, and particularly leadership behavior, have a major impact on a company's success. As fields of work and requirements become increasingly complex, an environment of collaboration becomes ever more important. For this to happen, the right leadership culture is needed, along with leaders who can adequately leverage the competencies of their own team.

A shared understanding

The foundation for good leadership

A good leader understands the perspective of the team and recognizes or accepts areas for improvement in their own behavior.

On average, perceptions between leaders and employees regarding leadership behavior vary significantly.

The importance of leadership

Impact on business success

Leadership competencies are crucial for shaping the work climate and for enhancing employee engagement and organizational performance. An effective leader needs not only emotional intelligence, clear communication, decision-making ability, conflict resolution, and strategic thinking to build positive relationships and create a supportive environment, but must also be able to construct a motivating and appreciative atmosphere to boost productivity and reduce turnover. Additionally, adaptability and the proactive management of changes and innovations are critical to guide teams through change and uncertainty, thereby sustainably securing business success and competitive positioning.

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The fastest and most flexible solution

Analysis and sustained development of leadership skills

zweikern Analytics is your tool for putting leadership competencies to the test while simultaneously creating a foundation for the sustainable development of leadership behavior.

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The effective complete package

Consulting and software from a single source

Without precise knowledge of the current state of a change, no target achievement can be accelerated. In this case, even the best measures produce the minimal effect. For this, individual consulting, training, and coaching concepts are combined with our in-house software, zweikern Analytics. With this technical foundation, transparent development monitoring is ensured, and the quality of measures is verified over time.

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Measurable leadership behavior

zweikern Analytics enables reflection

With zweikern Analytics, leaders get their own assistant to support them in the development of their competencies.

Individual areas for development can be identified, measures can be derived based on this reflective foundation, and progress within the context of one's own leadership behavior can be measured.

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No blind consultant jargon

Competent guidance based on facts

zweikern doesn't leave you alone with the results of leadership analyses, but implements development measures where they are actually needed.

In doing so, zweikern operates in a very process-oriented manner and ensures continuous control over the effectiveness of the initiated development.

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The day-to-day projects of zweikern

How zweikern develops leadership competencies

In zweikern's success stories, we show you the approach to the sustainable development of leadership competencies. Objectives, the exact procedure, and the project outcome are transparently disclosed.

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