Your goal is our commitment

The consulting from zweikern creates facts and is effective

The consulting from zweikern puts the customer in the spotlight: We plan our consulting processes in a way that the individual needs of our customers determine the course of the project and that the right support can be provided for sustained competence building.

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Why is the consulting of zweikern so special?

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Individual Processes

Every organization is as unique as its challenges. Therefore, zweikern works exclusively with individualized processes and contents. The needs, visions, and goals of our clients determine the approach and its contents.

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Our Idealism

Client goals are zweikern goals. As soon as a joint project plan is in place, zweikern will do everything possible to achieve the set goals. Zweikern's employees do not see themselves as simple service providers, but are passionate about sustainable change.

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Independent Clients

Sustained development cannot be achieved through external consultation alone. zweikern promotes the competencies and thus the independence of the organization. Focused coachings, trainings, and continuous transfer of responsibility to the employees are employed.

Central contents

What happens in detail?

  1. 1. Goals & KPIs

    In a workshop, our clients' goals are first rigorously examined. By the end of this phase, both the planned approach and an initial questionnaire, the foundation for change, are in place. The project is ready to launch.

    About phase 1
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    2. Current State Analysis

    Through zweikern Analytics, the defined goals and KPIs take center stage and are reviewed in an initial analysis. This current-state analysis serves as the foundation for development - zweikern creates facts.

    About phase 2
  3. 3. Focused Development

    With zweikern Analytics, the data from the current-state analysis is processed into facts to identify individual fields of development. zweikern guides the project sectors and initiates targeted, fact-based developmental actions.

    About phase 3
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    4. Evaluation & Check-Ins

    Check-in analyses using zweikern Analytics provide continuous insight into the development progress and create an overview of necessary adjustments.

    About phase 4
  5. 5. Continuous Improvement

    With zweikern, you maintain an overview of acute development areas, thereby creating a foundation where continuous improvement arises.

    About phase 5
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Companies of all sizes, regional to international, rely on zweikern