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The use cases of zweikern provide insight into the development possibilities

Revolutionize your corporate culture and drive sustained change with zweikern! Our use cases provide insights into the development possibilities that await you. From developing unique leadership competencies to data-driven employee surveys, zweikern offers customized solutions that deliver impact and real results.

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Full focus on the essentials

Areas of application for zweikern

Cultural change within a company has always been a complex endeavor. It's not enough to vaguely talk about "corporate culture" when the goal is specific, sustainable change. Just as a master chef focuses on a few, perfected dishes, zweikern concentrates on specialized approaches that are precisely tailored to your needs in cultural transformation. We don't offer thousands of unclear options; instead, we provide customized solutions that actually work. At zweikern, it's all about quality and precision in the areas of application—so that your goals can be sustainably achieved.

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Development of Leadership Skills

zweikern revolutionizes the development of leadership skills and brings an end to the era of "monarchical" leadership. With zweikern Analytics, a flexible tool for analyzing and sustainably developing leadership behavior, the company combines individual consultation and technical support. The data-driven, process-oriented approach ensures continuous effectiveness monitoring and focuses on the areas where action is needed the most.

zweikern stands for impactful leadership in an ever-changing business landscape.

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Change is Pain


Change is painful and has scorched the earth in many companies. In a world where change management often fails due to a lack of sustainable implementation, zweikern offers a revolutionary approach. With quick identification of pain points and customized consultation, training, and coaching concepts, supported by the powerful software zweikern Analytics, the change process is set on a solid foundation. This transparent and data-driven approach enables companies to not only successfully manage change but also prepare for future challenges.

zweikern alleviates your pain in change management and paves the way for sustainable business success.

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From Paper To Practice

Value Transfer into the Organization

zweikern makes cultural transformation tangible through innovative and data-driven approaches. While many companies are busy printing their corporate values on glossy brochures, zweikern revolutionizes the transfer of these values into the organization. With zweikern Analytics, a software solution for analyzing and continuously evaluating cultural factors, and a holistic consulting approach, zweikern enables companies to sustainably develop their organizational culture. The focus on measurable cultural development and the provision of tools to live cultural values in everyday work makes zweikern the ideal partner for companies looking to strengthen their corporate culture and who do not merely pay lip service to cultural change.

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Sleepy Surveys

Employee Surveys

Employee surveys in companies often encounter indifference and survey fatigue. zweikern revitalizes the concept of employee surveys through its software, zweikern Analytics, which offers quick and automated evaluation as well as AI-interpreted results. A high level of transparency and speed boosts employee engagement and leads to above-average participation, overcoming survey fatigue. With a focus on analysis and concrete actions, zweikern not only makes surveys more efficient but also more effective.

As a complete package, zweikern assists companies in unlocking the full potential of their surveys, transforming them into powerful tools for corporate development.

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Catch Me If You Can

Employer Branding

In a time of increasing turnover and a shortage of skilled workers, employer branding becomes a key issue. Here, zweikern offers a comprehensive solution. By analyzing pain points and focusing on organizational cultural factors such as leadership, communication, and feedback, zweikern helps companies minimize the risk of attrition and position themselves as attractive employers. Through ongoing development work, zweikern supports companies in not only overcoming current challenges but also in remaining successful in the long term and establishing themselves as an attractive employer brand.

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Use-cases illustrated by examples

Get a glimpse into the day-to-day projects of zweikern

In zweikern's success stories, we provide you with insights into real projects and demonstrate how we have dealt with specific use-cases in a real business environment.

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