Change is Pain

zweikern solves your pain with smart Change-Monitoring

Change is painful, but zweikern solves this through smart change-monitoring. We quickly identify and fix your organization's pain points. With customized consulting, training and coaching concepts as well as our powerful zweikern Analytics software, we lay the foundation for sustained change.

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The initial situation

Why change does not work

Companies face change on an almost daily basis, but often fail to implement it sustainably. In most cases, the reason for this failure lies in factors of corporate culture. Sustainable change requires suitable framework conditions in order to be successfully realized. But it is precisely these factors that are all too often neglected in change projects.

Lack of competence

Effective and targeted change is difficult

The Project Management Institute (PMI) conducted a study in 2018 and found that only 14% of organizations surveyed had high change competency. The majority (86%) had difficulty implementing change effectively.

That's why change works with zweikern

The necessary framework for change

Effective change projects require a fast identification and handling of existing pain points. zweikern offers the most modern and fastest solution for analyzing these pain points, thus ensuring the perfect basis for deriving development measures that put the change on a sustainable foundation.

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Everything from one source

The total package for your change

In order to successfully drive change, it is crucial to know the exact current state. Only then can the most effective actions be taken to achieve the desired goals. zweikern offers customized consulting, training and coaching concepts that are used in combination with the powerful zweikern Analytics software. This combination enables transparent development monitoring and ensures continuous review of the quality of measures over time.

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zweikern brings light into the dark

We accompany change projects based on facts

Although data collection is carried out quickly, the real challenge begins afterwards. zweikern offers companies more than just support in developing action plans - it also ensures their implementation directly in the respective project areas. zweikern's innovative approach focuses on the sustainable development of corporate culture factors. These not only serve as a solid foundation for current projects, but can also be used to guide future objectives.

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Establishment of individual monitoring

Insight into the organization with zweikern Analytics

zweikern develops customized monitoring analyses based on your objectives. With the help of zweikern Analytics, the results are automatically evaluated. The focus is on factors that, according to scientific studies, have a significant influence on the failure of change projects.

Thanks to zweikern Analytics, you can monitor these factors in real time and at the same time check whether your goals have been achieved. Rely on precise data and well-founded insights for successful change.

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The everyday project life of zweikern

This is how change monitoring works

In the success stories of zweikern we show you the procedure for the sustainable implementation of change projects. Monitoring relevant factors takes change management to a new level.

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