New paths in employee surveys

Currenta and zweikern are working together for a healthier work environment

Currenta and zweikern revolutionize the world of work! Through a strategic partnership, they now offer real-time hazard analyses and quick identification of stress factors. Integrated customer management and benchmarking make the process even more efficient. Cutting-edge technology and comprehensive analyses create a healthier and more productive work environment.

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A joint vision

Currenta utilizes zweikern in its own services

Currenta has incorporated zweikern Analytics into its service portfolio in the area of 'Healthy Work Environment.' This strategic partnership enables Currenta to conduct risk assessments for their clients centrally and in real-time. zweikern's technology streamlines the process by allowing for autonomous and efficient handling of sensitive topics such as risk assessments.

The automated evaluation of the data provides well-founded, real-time results that serve as the basis for the development of measures to improve the work environment.

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Analyses for the identification of stress factors

Currenta faced the challenge of finding a system that not only allows for quick analyses but also significantly simplifies the identification of stress factors in the work environment. By integrating zweikern Analytics into their service portfolio, Currenta can now efficiently plan and conduct surveys across all clients, while automatically evaluating and filtering the results.

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zweikern Analytics is adaptable

zweikern is inside, Currenta is on the label

Currenta places great importance on presenting a unified and cohesive brand image to its customers. That's why it's crucial for the "Healthy Work Environment" service to be perceived as a comprehensive package. The customization capabilities of zweikern Analytics allow for seamless integration of Currenta's corporate design into the platform. This way, Currenta's brand identity is preserved, while zweikern's advanced analysis tool works in the background to efficiently identify stress factors. This collaborative approach successfully combines the strengths of both organizations: brand consistency from Currenta and cutting-edge analytics from zweikern.

The transfer and comparison

Customer management and benchmarking

It would be tedious to organize the same survey content over and over again for each customer. Therefore, zweikern has implemented its own customer management for Currenta, allowing for questionnaires to be shared across customers. This saves time and provides Currenta with a high level of overview.

In addition, customer-specific benchmarking can be carried out via the customer management system, enabling comparisons between organizations.

Zweikern is thoroughly solution-oriented

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Dr. Anne-Lena Göpfert

We have recently started using the zweikern analytics tool for employee surveys and pulse checks. The tool is smart, modern, and allows us to quickly and independently set up and implement individual surveys. The live dashboard summarizes the results well and offers various evaluation options at different levels of detail. I personally enjoy working with the tool, and especially with the zweikern team. The team is very committed to the customer's wishes and is thoroughly solution-oriented.

Import and export of results

Historical data and result reports

Before implementing zweikern Analytics, Currenta was already conducting surveys and generating valuable data. For a seamless transition phase and continued use of this historical data, it was important that they could be imported into the zweikern system and further processed there. zweikern Analytics offers this flexibility.

In addition, the platform allows the export of all analyzed results in PDF form as result reports. These functionalities ensure that Currenta can guarantee continuous data usage and analysis while simultaneously optimizing its service in the area of "Healthy Work Environment.

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Conclusion: Synergies for a Healthy Work Environment

The strategic partnership between Currenta and zweikern illustrates the potential of an integrated solution for creating healthy work environments. By using zweikern Analytics, Currenta can not only conduct efficient, centralized, and timely hazard analyses but also more easily identify stress factors. This is made possible by zweikern's innovative, automated evaluation, which is seamlessly integrated into Currenta's corporate design. Additionally, zweikern's adaptable customer management and benchmarking functionality makes it easier to compare between different organizations and to design surveys efficiently. Overall, the collaboration offers a comprehensive, customer-oriented, and efficient solution for the challenges of the modern workplace.

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