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We love what we do and know exactly why we get up every morning. We'd be happy to let you be a part of it.

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Why zweikern exists

Companies need to implement an infinite number of transformations and changes and establish them sustainably. Ultimately, only about 20-30% of all initiated processes are lived in the company in the long term. The reasons for this are often of a human nature, but are rarely taken into account by most consulting firms. Well-sounding measures are developed and imposed on the company, and in the end, the new poster on the wall is nothing more than a well-intentioned personnel marketing strategy.

For Zweikern, it is important to consider people as part of a change. Processes and individual measures are developed based on current facts. We avoid dogmas and only recommend standard measures when they are indicated.

In other words, we want to liberate companies from broad-spectrum antibiotics without a specific diagnosis and instead develop concrete project measures.

What's behind zweikern

Achieving a forced target state without precise knowledge of the current state is like wandering through the jungle of the most common and often already burnt-out organizational development strategies. The combination of our analysis software, Zweikern Analytics, and Zweikern's consulting concept results in action plans based on facts. Our greatest goal is to involve people in a change in such a way that measures are not simply implemented senselessly but can be co-created by each individual.

People at the Center

The modern individual spends a significant portion of their time in the workplace. Those who don't feel comfortable there are unlikely to be motivated and deliver peak performance over the long term. Important factors for feeling comfortable in the workplace include appreciation, voice, perspective, and more. For companies, this means that improving workplace quality and thus the quality of life for employees promotes innovation, motivation, and commitment. Zweikern establishes a new lifestyle in your company with a focus on the workplace, thereby initiating sustainable processes in the thinking and actions of all involved.

zweikern follows guiding principles

zweikern values the high trust of its customers. This trust is based on an honest attitude and alignment with our guiding principles.

The team at zweikern

To establish a new corporate culture at all levels, numerous competencies are required. Therefore, we approach our work in an interdisciplinary manner, addressing all issues and situations individually. As experts from various fields, we combine our experiences and skills in social, business, and work psychology, informatics, and quality management to achieve the greatest possible impact.

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Andreas Kerneder
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Robert Kerneder
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Jonas Andelfinger
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Dennis Darko
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