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With zweikern the value transfer succeeds

zweikern offers an effective blend of consulting and software for the sustained transformation of your company's culture. With zweikern Analytics, we analyze and measure your corporate culture to initiate targeted and impactful development measures. We make cultural change measurable, future-proof, and ensure that your organization succeeds in its transformation.

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Lack of insight into the organization

The cultural change stands on a shaky foundation

The design of corporate cultural factors is not a time-limited project, but a continuous improvement process based on current organizational challenges. However, many companies have problems linking the status quo with the defined goals and implementing measures for continuous further development. In this context, the transfer of goals formulated in glossy brochures to daily work often fails.

Cultural merchandise in the company

Glossy brochures do not create change

Strategic goals and cultural values are often posted on walls or printed on mugs in companies to be present in daily operations. Nevertheless, many managers and employees find it difficult to live these values in the daily work environment. There is often a lack of mechanisms to reflect on the goals set at team level and to derive development measures that address the individual circumstances of employees.

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Reaction instead of proaction

Extinguishing fires instead of effective development

Particularly in the areas of corporate cultural development, such as leadership, conflict management and feedback culture, companies often tend to act reactively instead of proactively. They focus on addressing the most urgent problems instead of developing sustainable and long-term solutions.

Measures are often distributed using the watering can principle, which rarely produces effective results.

For the future success of the company, it is crucial to identify specific areas for development and to set targeted impulses for further development that are tailored to these areas. Only in this way can the continuous improvement process be designed efficiently and effectively as part of the culture change.

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Consulting meets digitalization

The all-round worry-free package for your culture change

Being an attractive employer requires more than just goodwill - it requires strategic measures to identify and address development areas that enable sustainable business development. This is where zweikern comes in. With our consulting approach and our innovative software solution, zweikern Analytics, we offer a complete package that gives companies the tools to efficiently work on and continuously develop their organizational culture. With zweikern, companies can not only overcome current challenges, but also actively shape their future and thus remain an attractive employer.

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Effective support

zweikern as a partner in cultural change

For the development of your corporate culture, it is crucial to create a clearly defined and comprehensible value system that can be lived in the context of daily work. zweikern supports companies in developing such a corporate cultural foundation, or in transferring an existing formulated value construct into daily work. For this purpose, it is necessary to reflect on the often generic terms (appreciation, transparency, etc) at team level in order to ensure a behavioral basis.

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KPIs for your culture change

Measurable culture development using zweikern Analytics

In order to develop corporate culture sustainably, an understanding of the current state of an organization is required. With the software zweikern Analytics, the analysis of corporate culture factors and the continuous evaluation of implemented development measures is successful. People analytics will play an increasingly important role in the future and with our software the sustainable development of your organization will succeed with ease.

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From theory to practice

Example projects and success stories

When it comes to developing corporate culture factors, articles on this always read very theoretically. In our success stories, we describe our project approach with our partners.

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