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Optimize your Employer Branding with zweikern

With zweikern, you can optimize your Employer Branding through targeted analysis and consultation. We assist you in strengthening corporate culture and employee engagement, positioning you as an attractive employer.

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High risk of flight

Employer branding becomes more important

The noticeable shortage of skilled workers and the more employee-friendly labor market present companies with the challenge of attracting highly qualified employees. For this reason, they are increasingly relying on employer branding measures to position themselves as attractive employers. But recent study results give reason to question the success of these measures.

Build loyalty and reduce fluctuation

With zweikern you strengthen the binding factor

Above all, corporate cultural factors in organizations determine the success of employer branding measures. This makes the constant monitoring of these soft facts all the more important. zweikern enables a continuous analysis of the framework conditions relevant for employer branding and thus creates the basis for the optimization and further development of the corporate culture.

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Leadership, communication, feedback

Skills make an employer attractive

An attractive employer is characterized by a variety of competencies, including leadership, communication and feedback. First-class leadership includes a vision and strategy that inspires and guides the entire organization, as well as the ability to effectively motivate and guide employees.

Excellent communication ensures clear and efficient transmission of information, fosters teamwork, and creates an inclusive work environment. In addition, regular and constructive feedback is essential to enable employee growth and development.

These key competencies not only create an attractive workplace, but also help employees feel valued, leading to increased productivity and employee retention.

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Everything from one source

The total package for your employer branding

Being an attractive employer requires more than just goodwill - it requires strategic measures to identify and address development areas that enable sustainable business development. This is where zweikern comes in. With our consulting approach and our innovative software solution, zweikern Analytics, we offer a complete package that gives companies the tools to efficiently work on and continuously develop their organizational culture. With zweikern, companies can not only overcome current challenges, but also actively shape their future and thus remain an attractive employer.

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Analysis of pain points

Facts as the basis for development

The SaaS solution zweikern Analytics enables analyses to be carried out within the framework of the employee journey and evaluated in a fully automated manner. In addition, all cultural factors within the organization can also be analyzed. In this way, not only acute pain points but also relevant cultural aspects come into focus for the organization, which in turn can be used as the basis for effective action plans.

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Competent accompaniment

We support your employer branding

Collecting data is often a quick process, but many companies fail to subsequently implement measures. This is where zweikern's consulting services come into play: as consultants, we use the data collected by our SaaS solution zweikern Analytics to derive action plans. We also accompany your organization in the concrete implementation of these measures.

With our support, your company can effectively address acute pain points and relevant cultural factors to improve the employee journey and promote an optimal organizational culture.

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Insight into the projects of zweikern

Employer branding does not mean simply distributing merchandise in the organization, but continuous development work of corporate cultural factors.

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