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Revitalize your next survey with zweikern

zweikern optimizes your employee surveys from start to finish. Our software and expertise boost participation and deliver actionable results. Revitalize your surveys and make them effective with zweikern.

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Lack of Participation

Survey fatigue is a thing of the past with zweikern

Employee surveys that are repeatedly implemented in companies often face the issue of survey fatigue. The main reason for this is often that the results obtained from the surveys are rarely translated into effective development measures. However, employee surveys with zweikern have an above-average participation rate due to their high efficiency in implementation and the automated processing of results.

Full focus on relevant factors

With zweikern for fast, meaningful analysis

Company surveys are often time-consuming and resource-intensive, both in the implementation and in the subsequent evaluation. With zweikern, you can significantly accelerate and simplify both the process of the survey and the subsequent evaluation. Our innovative software enables fast, automated evaluation that delivers meaningful, easy-to-understand results.

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Effective follow-up

With zweikern from the analysis to the concrete action

One of the biggest challenges after a survey is to translate the insights gained into concrete measures. With zweikern, this is no problem. Our software not only provides an analysis of the survey results, but also supports you in translating these results into concrete development actions.

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Surveys as opportunity

With zweikern you use the full potential of your surveys

Employee surveys offer a great opportunity to gather valuable feedback and initiate improvements in the company. With zweikern you can tap the full potential of your surveys and actively involve your employees in the improvement process.

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Fast, innovative and accessible

The complete package from a single source

With zweikern you have a partner at your side who accompanies you through the entire employee survey process - from the creation of the questionnaire to the implementation of development actions. We support you in making your employee surveys more efficient, effective and attractive.

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Safety is important to us

Confidentiality and Data Protection

At zweikern, the confidentiality of the survey and data protection are of utmost importance to us. We ensure that your employees' data are secure and protected, and that the results are analyzed anonymously. Additionally, individual anonymity thresholds can be defined in every employee survey to ensure the highest level of data protection. This ensures that the privacy of every individual is respected and protected, while simultaneously valuable insights can be gained for the company.

At zweikern, we place great emphasis on fully complying with data protection regulations and being a trustworthy partner for our clients.

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Examples from practice

This is how zweikern works with its partners

When it comes to surveys, we've seen it all. We use our expertise to implement the optimal business survey for you. Here you will find our success stories, which will give you an even better overview of zweikern's work.

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