zweikern Analytics

The Future of Employee Surveys

Adaptive surveys based on the needs, current status, and goals of organizations. With zweikern, intelligent people analytics is achieved.

A holistic view of organization and people

Designed for the modern work environment, zweikern Analytics represents more than just surveys; it embodies a comprehensive understanding of both employees and organizations. Our adaptive survey functionalities – from basic polls to in-depth feedback – elevate data collection to a new level.

At the heart of this is the Development Center: an interface that links individual feedback with an organization's strategic objectives. The result? Clear insights leading to targeted actions that bolster company culture and promote both efficiency and employee engagement.

Why zweikern Analytics?

Centralized management of all surveys

Adaptive surveys

Real-time analysis of results

Monitoring of all development goals

Your goals are our product

Smart modules for your success

Unlike many survey tools that rely on standardized questionnaires, zweikern Analytics stands out. We understand the unique goals of every organization. Our smart development modules allow for the creation of individual questions, the analysis process, and appropriate action plans. Instead of a rigid tool, zweikern offers an adaptive system with integrated monitoring. Your goals become tangible with us.

Adaptive surveys

Items with clear focus

Traditional employee surveys tend to utilize a plethora of items, often producing more data than organizations can meaningfully process. The result? Businesses feel overwhelmed rather than enlightened. But with zweikern Analytics, this approach changes: Our adaptive survey methodology focuses on streamlining surveys while still delivering profound, insightful results. Instead of getting lost in a sea of data, you receive clear insights that truly benefit you.

Automatic real-time results

Simple data evaluation

With zweikern Analytics, the era of manual evaluation of employee surveys is definitively over. Our platform offers a fully automatic and immediate analysis in real-time. But we go one step further: instead of just providing descriptive data, we offer you pre-interpreted results summarized by KPIs. This not only saves you time but also delivers directly usable, valuable insights for your organization.

The Dev-Center of zweikern

A place for sustained development

For employees and managers, access to their own specific results is crucial. In the Dev-Center, zweikern Analytics presents just that: individually tailored evaluations, pre-interpreted and summarized in KPIs.

But it goes even further. These results are not just visible numbers, but are directly linked with concrete action plans. This makes every step towards development not only measurable, but also directly actionable.

An assistent for Human Recourses

Smart People Analytics that thinks alongside you

zweikern Analytics harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to comprehensively optimize your People Analytics. Our advanced system understands, based on your development modules, which specific questions are most relevant for your company. It plans and schedules analysis processes, ensures that data is captured comprehensively and accurately, and shapes targeted action plans from this data. But that's just the beginning: zweikern Analytics actively optimizes your survey processes, puts them in the right context, and conducts surveys where and when they offer the greatest value. With this integrated approach, we ensure that your People Analytics is always up-to-date and delivers exactly what you need.

zweikern Analytics covers it all

Highest quality for companies and resellers

zweikern Analytics for companies

With zweikern Analytics, all company surveys are as effortless and effective as never before. Whether feedback, employee, customer, or health surveys - with zweikern, it's no problem.

zweikern Analytics for reseller

With zweikern Analytics, service providers can supplement and expand their own portfolio free of charge.


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