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Improvement arises through continuity

With zweikern, you maintain an overview of acute development areas, thereby creating a foundation where continuous improvement arises.

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What we achieve in this phase

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Evaluation & Adjustment

Cultural and organizational development is itself subject to constant changes. For this reason, we support you in evaluating the set goals based on all available insights after completed development cycles and adapting them as necessary.

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Identification of KPIs

When the foundation in the form of development goals is questioned and potentially changed, this must also occur with the corresponding KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These can be supplemented, modified, or even recombined. Of course, previous results are retained.

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Analysis Roadmap

In the medium term, check-ins cannot replace a renewed evaluation of the set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Otherwise, new focus areas may remain hidden, and known issues cannot be monitored over time. We assist you in planning a new development cycle and setting it up content-wise.

After the Project is Before the Development

Continuous Organizational Development

An initial development cycle may provide the necessary initial energy to mobilize stakeholders and unleash creativity in designing measures. However, the real challenge for sustainable development is not in the project start but in maintaining the continuity of engagement. Amidst the daily grind and emerging new challenges, the original development goal can easily fade into the background. zweikern stands by your side to ensure that new topics and priorities are integrated sensibly into the existing development concept, without losing focus on the original goals.

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Integrating change

Development is not linear

The development of an organization is rarely a linear process. Therefore, it is crucial to have a certain degree of flexibility in the planning and implementation of development projects. After completing a development cycle, we conduct a thorough analysis of the established KPIs and objectives with you. As conditions often change, it is essential to adjust the strategy accordingly. We integrate new objectives and, if necessary, modify the existing KPIs. In doing so, we place great emphasis on ensuring that the insights already gained are not forgotten but rather serve as a foundation for further improvements.

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Our experience speaks for us

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