Consulting process: Phase 3 of 5

Targeted actions and focused development based on facts

With zweikern Analytics, the data from the current-state analysis is processed into facts to identify individual fields of development. zweikern guides the project sectors and initiates targeted, fact-based developmental actions.

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What we achieve in this phase

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Prioritization field of development

Cultural and organizational development rarely follows a linear path, and the associated areas for development are often similarly complex. For this reason, zweikern conducts workshops with specific participant groups to create a prioritization matrix for subsequent actions. One to two development themes will be the focus going forward.

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Measures across multiple levels

These areas for development often impact various areas of responsibility within an organization. Whether it's HR, department leadership, or a specific team, multiple units can become active in addressing these issues simultaneously. According to need, we support each of these levels with workshops, do-it-yourself modules, training sessions, and coaching to advance development in the respective areas.

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Best-Practice Sharing

With ongoing developmental work, the experiences and competencies of all participants also grow. For this reason, zweikern starts early in collecting individual ideas for measures and their implementation to later disseminate them within the organization. In our view, true expertise in implementing measures can only come from within.

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Measures through results workshops

Data alone doesn't create change; the art lies in the implementation. That's why at zweikern, we see analysis as merely the first step in a continuous improvement process. Following the initial analysis, the crucial phase of deriving measures ensues. Depending on the scope of the project, we accompany you in specialized results workshops, offer learning modules and guidance, as well as focused support in the form of trainings and coachings.

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Processes provide structure

Translating objectives into development processes

Processes provide structure—and that is precisely the aim of our work at zweikern. After identifying the key objectives and KPIs in the strategy workshop, the next step is to translate these insights into tangible development processes. The focus here is on the concrete planning and operationalization of the defined objectives. By creating a detailed project plan, we design a structured approach that ranges from the status quo analysis and derivation of actions to ongoing effectiveness evaluation. In this way, we ensure that the insights gathered in the workshop are not only understood but also purposefully implemented in practice.

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Those Who Want to Know Must Ask

zweikern Develops Analysis Content

Based on the objectives defined in the strategy workshop and the agreed-upon development process, zweikern designs customized analysis content in the form of a questionnaire. This serves as a robust tool for capturing the current state through our zweikern Analytics tool. We place particular emphasis on the flexibility of the analysis: Our questionnaires can be adapted to meet the specific needs of individual teams or departments, enabling us to gain in-depth insights during the analysis phase. Whether it's about leadership skills and a feedback survey is appropriate, or other focal points—the content of the objectives determines the questions we ask. This integrative and individualized approach allows us to conduct targeted and well-founded data collection, which is crucial for the further course of the project.

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Tools mit denen zweikern arbeitet

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Next phase: Evaluation & Check-Ins

Check-in analyses using zweikern Analytics provide continuous insight into the development progress and create an overview of necessary adjustments.

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