Consulting process: Phase 4 of 5

Evaluation of Development and Check-ins

Check-in analyses using zweikern Analytics provide continuous insight into the development progress and create an overview of necessary adjustments.

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What we achieve in this phase

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Development Monitoring

Measures are only as good as the effect they achieve. Therefore, the identified areas of development are evaluated by the participants in a brief Check-In analysis after approximately 3-4 months. For this purpose, we use a short pulse questionnaire, consisting of around 10-15 questions regarding the perceived impact of the implemented measures.

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Specific Feedback on the Approach

The Check-In analysis also includes feedback on the actual project approach, providing concrete pointers on what changes need to be made by the project team. This ensures that the project team maintains the necessary closeness to the participants and can quickly and meaningfully respond to feedback.

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Prompting Responsible Stakeholders

Development projects rarely fail due to the initial plans and goals. Often, such projects stall as they get overshadowed by day-to-day tasks. The Check-In analyses and the impulses generated from them serve to keep those responsible for measures engaged, enabling precise activation as needed. This ensures that key stakeholders remain focused and the project stays on track, rather than becoming sidetracked by daily operations.

Flexibility as a Standard

Adaptive Check-In Surveys

The next phase of our project focuses on the evaluation of implemented measures to identify and remove potential obstacles as early as possible. At zweikern, we rely on adaptive Check-In surveys that are tailored to the specific development areas at hand. This moves us away from rigid, generic questionnaires and towards customized analyses. These adaptive surveys allow for a precise evaluation, meeting the specific needs and challenges of the people in your organization. This enables us to react quickly and proactively to difficulties, devising effective solution strategies.

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Effectiveness in the Forefront

Evaluation of Development Progress

zweikern's Check-Ins go beyond mere monitoring and serve as tools for assessing the quality of implemented measures. The focus is on understanding the influence that these measures have on employee development. In doing so, we are able to gauge not just the effectiveness but also the human value of the initiatives. This enables you to know precisely which approaches are truly making an impact in your organization.

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Not set in stone

zweikern projects are adaptable

Corporate development is a continuous flow of learning, adapting, and optimizing. At zweikern, flexibility is not just a buzzword but a foundational principle of our approach. After each project phase, we draw valuable lessons from the gathered experiences and achieved results. These "Lessons Learned" are not endpoints for us but rather launching pads for the next round of optimization. Through this iterative approach, we are continually able to evaluate, refine, and adjust development strategies and measures. In doing so, we ensure that the development processes we steer are always closely aligned with the real needs and challenges of your organization.

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Wake-Up call for the organization

The right impulses at the right time

Development projects often don't fail at the kickoff; they lose momentum over time, overshadowed by the demands of day-to-day operations. This is precisely where zweikern Analytics' result impulses come into play. These carefully generated impulses serve as a constant reminder and activator for those responsible for implementing the measures. They ensure that development projects remain in focus and are driven forward with the required energy. With this approach, the organization not only stays on course but is also able to act precisely and promptly, ensuring that the development measures achieve maximum impact.

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Next phase: Continuous Improvement

With zweikern, you maintain an overview of acute development areas, thereby creating a foundation where continuous improvement arises.

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