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Make zweikern Analytics your tool

zweikern Analytics revolutionizes corporate surveys with automation and real-time analyses. As a reseller, use this advanced platform for free, integrate your own content, and benefit from comprehensive features.

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zweikern Analytics for reseller

Leverage our infrastructure for your projects

At zweikern, we have developed one of the most modern tools for corporate surveys that has made many of our projects successful. zweikern Analytics automates the calculation of results, conducts complex analyses in real-time, and saves time. As a consulting service provider, you can now use our infrastructure for your client projects free of charge and catapult your work to the next level. Make zweikern Analytics your own tool.

Why zweikern Analytics?

Fast, simple, and straightforward

Employee surveys are essential to understand the perspective of the people within a company and to incorporate this understanding into the planning of measures for organizational development. However, all too often, survey processes consume vast amounts of resources without achieving an effect. zweikern rethinks employee surveys from the ground up and provides you with the insights needed to drive projects to success.

Your content in our tool

Implement your survey content

You have your own questionnaires and don't want to work with zweikern's content? Simply implement your own content into zweikern Analytics and design the next analysis entirely according to your vision. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

Your customers are your capital

The customer management of zweikern Analytics

In zweikern Analytics' customer management, you work interconnectedly with your clients. Share your questionnaires, plan your next employee survey, and work with results in real-time. Do you aim to take your clients' employee surveys to the next level? Then zweikern is just the right place for you.

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Transfer of existing data

Moving historical data to zweikern Analytics

Have you previously conducted employee surveys with another system and are concerned about switching? With zweikern Analytics, you have nothing to worry about. This advanced tool allows you to effortlessly implement your existing questionnaires and import the historical results from previous surveys. The transition is seamless, and the system handles the rest for you. These data are fully taken into account in the result calculation, ensuring that your valuable information is not lost but remains available to you for making informed decisions.

Prepared for the future

All features of zweikern Analytics

zweikern Analytics for resellers includes not only project and customer management but all the features of the tool. This provides you with one of the most comprehensive tools available for implementing employee surveys.

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Use zweikern Analytics for free

Integrate zweikern into your service offering

Are you a service provider that offers employee surveys for clients? Then zweikern Analytics is the ideal solution for you. Utilize this powerful tool in line with your own corporate design and benefit from the full range of features our system offers – all at no cost. The seamless integration of the zweikern software into your services enables you to conduct professional and tailor-made employee surveys with just a click. Boost your efficiency and offer your clients unparalleled service with zweikern Analytics.