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Beratung - zweikern

The consulting of zweikern

No consulting fast food off the peg

Often advice comes with beautiful packaging, an exciting-sounding name, and the promise of lightness. One feeds the companies with phrases, and what is left over is usually hot air, tiredness, and frustration. Change is rarely easy and requires a high level of energy.

That is exactly why for zweikern, clean project planning and the development of meaningful measures are at the forefront of project work. Actions and concepts are derived based on the precise findings from the Analytics impulse surveys and save you as our partner, unnecessary time, and energy. The employees recognize the effectiveness of the project through their active involvement and are thus motivated and committed to future changes.

The all-inclusive package from zweikern

Because we are not simply coaches or trainers

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Detailplanung - zweikern

KERN PLANNING | Detailed planning and implementation

zweikern creates a basis, which is necessary

We at zweikern are thinking in advance instead of wasting resources through blind action. In the detailed planning and implementation phase, we develop the basics of the project and prepare the smooth implementation in your company. During this process, zweikern develops a clean and understandable project plan and transfers the necessary contents into a structured project documentation.

Part of this phase is also the emotionalization of the project team members, who are finally integrated based on the developed contents. Here, great attention is paid to the "why" of the project. Only those who understand the reason behind the change will have the necessary commitment to participate.

Analyse - zweikern

KERN ANALYSIS | zweikern Analytics

Facts as the basis for any change

We don't do simple employee surveys, which use up endless resources, and in the end, don't move anything. With zweikern Analytics, employee surveys become a lifestyle product. Whether at work, at home, on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone: Anyone can take part when and where it suits them best. No standards are asked, but analysis contents are developed that actually fit the respective company's individual situation and objectives.

For zweikern, the actual state's recording is necessary for achieving a planned target state in the room. That is the only way to work on measures that the employee can understand and help shape.

Maßnahmenumsetzung - zweikern

KERN CONSULTING | Implementation of actions

When "sustainment" is not just an empty phrase

An analysis without downstream actions does not affect and is, therefore, a waste of time. zweikern supports its customers in deriving action plans based on the conducted employee survey and places them in the company in an accompanying manner. In this way, the available resources of time can be used for real added value. Besides, zweikern evaluates the switched measures and checks their effectiveness.

That enables an agile, individual, and adaptable development process, which considers the requirements of the respective company.