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Entering a new Human Resources era with zweikern

In zweikern's consulting services, people are central. With our tailored solutions and People Analytics, we dismiss conventional consultant nonsense. Propel your company's human resources and organizational development by entering a new digital era.

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With zweikern, you're in good company

Success stories speak louder than logos

The most successful companies in their industries rely on zweikern's customized concepts for their own organizational development.

To success stories
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The perfect symbiosis for long-term success

Consulting and cutting-edge technology come together

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  • Your goals serve as our foundation for individual development concepts
  • Customized guidance and support for measures in organizational and personnel development tailored to your needs
  • Active promotion of engagement and commitment among all project participants is our success factor for change
  • Handover of the developed development processes to the customer for sustainable and self-reliant development of the organization
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  • Boundless possibilities for company surveys of all types
  • Fully automatic and detailed evaluation of results in real-time
  • Continuous effectiveness verification of organizational and personnel development
  • Lively knowledge transfer within the organization through AI-supported neural networks

Three steps to sustainable development

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1. Non-binding initial consultation

In the initial consultation, you have the opportunity to talk to us about your company's objectives. This gives us the chance to get to know you and your organization and build an understanding of your plans.

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2. Free preliminary workshop

In the free preliminary workshop, we build on the content already discussed in the initial consultation and outline possible approaches to achieving the set goals. This creates a deeper understanding of the development process to reach your objectives.

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3. Project Start

Upon formal commissioning, we jointly embark on the development of your organization. Through the zweikern processes, we create a foundation for development that is aligned with the requirements of your company and the underlying objectives.

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Individual concepts

Imposing standard concepts and measures rarely works. zweikern designs individual and tailor-made development concepts for each customer, based on their goal definition.

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Effective and efficient

Development measures must work and not just look good on paper. Therefore, the effectiveness of measures, while maintaining high efficiency, is one of the most important goals of zweikern.

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zweikern views the individual within an organization as the key to sustainable change. Therefore, all development processes focus on the intensive involvement of all participants.