When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windmills.

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Ich bin Jonas Andelfinger

The first points of contact

My path into consulting for companies was already decided shortly after graduating from high school. I worked as a full-time employee in the system gastronomy of an international corporation. Here I felt the effects of disastrous communication with managers, completely standardized work processes, and chronic overstrains on my own body. Only the intact collegial cooperation gave me the motivation to get through the whole year. However, this cooperation was limited to the fraternization of the “workers” with the managers. While this allowed for good cohesion within the group, it also brought collaboration between the hierarchical levels to a complete standstill. During this time, I realized how essential a sustainable corporate culture is for the employees’ commitment. Only those who are committed to their employees will get that commitment back.

Study and work

In order to work together with companies in the future on this idea of a sustainable corporate culture, I decided to realize my dream of studying psychology. In addition to my master’s degree in psychology at the University of Salzburg, I also completed training as a career coach. During this time, I also had the opportunity to work directly with companies through various seminars. One of my clients was a large company from the automotive industry, which needed a concept for improved internal communication. This project showed me that regardless of the quality of the measures, selective approaches are not very promising. After such an approach, everything quickly returns to the old ways, and the deficiencies within the organizational structures remain. For this reason, I am convinced that a holistic approach is a sustainable enrichment for all parties involved. Since January 2016, I have been managing a small tourism company in Salzburg. In doing so, I am encouraged daily to make the core ideas of open, honest, and supportive communication and sustainable interaction with employees a central aspect of my work. As the person responsible for the company, I am reminded daily how important it is to be open to others’ ideas and, in case of doubt, to seek the advice of outsiders. After all, change cannot always begin without help.


Since selective measures are not sufficient to force actual change, a holistic approach is always preferable. Today there is an almost unmanageable amount of consulting offers, which, however, never fulfilled the necessary basic requirements to be able to do well-founded and high-quality work, in my opinion. zweikern is the only company that delivers an approach based on scientific findings, which intensifies holistic and, therefore, sustainable work and puts the human being in the center of the consideration. It was decisive for me to represent a company whose values and visions correspond to mine. I have found this in zweikern. My goal with zweikern is to establish a scientific and practical standard as a benchmark for all management consultancies. Only those who use valid instruments for their analyses and diagnoses should be considered as consultants at all. Therefore, in addition to my work on the empirical basis for our work, I also see a significant task in creating awareness of such standards’ necessity. Together with your company, we will bring people back into focus to develop a sustainable exchange relationship between organizations and employees.

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