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An interdisciplinary team for sustainable success.


Expertise in all areas - for a Lifestyle for Quality

In order to establish a new corporate culture at all levels that follows the idea of "Lifestyle for Quality", numerous competencies are necessary. That is why we understand our work in an interdisciplinary way and tackle all issues and situations individually. As experts in the fields of business informatics, economics as well as social, economic and work psychology.

Portrait Andreas Kerneder

Andreas Kerneder

Founder / CEO

Andreas Kerneder focuses on communication. Within his psychological team coaching framework, he develops interdisciplinary concepts geared towards lifestyle and quality to re-establish and maintain the connection between managers and employees in the long term. His sustainable management consulting approach follows the motto of supporting companies in dealing profitably with people's individual needs, ideas, and fears.

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Portrait Robert Kerneder

Robert Kerneder

Founder / CEO

As a business information scientist and independent management consultant, Robert Kerneder specializes in quality management, especially IT projects. He uses his knowledge in these areas to initiate change processes in companies.

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Portrait Jonas Andelfinger

Jonas Andelfinger

Partner / Consultant

Jonas Andelfinger has set himself to create an awareness of quality in companies within a management consultancy framework. To this end, he works intensively on developing empirical instruments for sustainable and high-quality management consulting. In his eyes, a lifestyle can be created together with the companies, which improves all people's daily work routine in the long run.

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Portrait Dennis Darko

Dennis Darko

Partner / IT

Dennis Darko is a young, innovative, and consulting-oriented all-rounder. As a modern and media-interdisciplinary scene expert, he develops comprehensive solutions for integrated corporate and brand communication. He thinks strategically, holistically, and in business processes. He views communication in all its facets, systemically, and interdependently. For him, no measure is a pure end in itself, but all developed media and statements serve the defined goal exclusively. He brings his expertise to numerous companies and advises them on media and brand strategy issues.

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Portrait Petra Ahrendt

Petra Ahrendt

Public Relations

As an economist with 20 years of marketing experience in both the B2B and B2C environments, Petra Ahrendt supports zweikern's innovative consulting approach by conceiving, designing, and developing project-related public relations for the management consultancy. Here she can optimally contribute her PR experience, focusing on dealing with trade media - paired with her ideas and is available to media representatives as a contact person.

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Portrait Daniel Streit

Daniel Streit

QM / Scenario Testing

For Daniel Streit, functionality and practicality are a core theme for success. As a psychologist and with his knowledge in data science, he takes on the challenge of designing and testing the company's own tools effectively and functionally. Maintaining and improving quality is the tenfold goal of his work for zweikern.

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Portrait Katharina Raichle

Katharina Raichle

Marketing / Consulting

For the sports scientist and promising psychologist Katharina Raichle, scientific work in an interdisciplinary setting is of great importance. She works in a solution-oriented manner and incorporates inter-disciplinary different points of view in her conception. Her multifaceted education shows an innovative approach and presents creative possibilities for successful corporate communication.

Portrait Selina Kern

Selina Kern


As a master's student of psychology, scientifically sound work is a matter of course for Selina Kern. By combining her studies regarding current topics in industrial and organizational psychology, she supports the blog articles' design every week.