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Customer comments

Susanne Schneider

Authorized Signatory of Böhm + Wiedemann

We know that the topic of culture is becoming more and more important in companies. This is precisely why we have worked together with zweikern on our vision and mission. The consultants from zweikern brought the facts to the point and shone with their perceptiveness. Even if we have not yet reached our goal, we know that with zweikern we can establish a sustainable corporate culture!

Michael Schenkel

Marketing Manager of microTOOL

With zweikern there is no 0-8-15 communication training. It was always about relevant content and dealing with actual problem areas. This made it easier for us to transfer things into our daily work. Especially the approach within the analysis was new and innovative. If you want corporate culture, you can't get around duo-cores!

Dean Matijevic

Partner of iDoctor

The discussions with zweikern were an absolute enrichment for us. We always got to the heart of the matter within a very short time and were able to work on it. This is how I imagine management consulting in 2016!