Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to keep moving.

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  • 1991
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  • trail running, swimming, classical literature


Ich bin Katharina Raichle

As a sports scientist, I have studied group phenomena and psychological processes in sports. Sport with all its facets has accompanied me all my life. For successful team sports, a clear allocation of tasks and a common, overriding goal are of great importance. Successful communication, appreciation within the team and a high motivation of the individual are a guarantee for satisfaction and success. For me, the structures within a sports group are an analogy to social psychology. It deals with social role theories and with interactionistic group processes.


Only a harmonious, well-rehearsed team can be successful!


Only a clear and stringent line of argumentation forms the optimal foundation for a contentwise convincing appearance

At the moment, I am writing my bachelor thesis in my psychology studies in the social-psychological - diagnostic department. In my studies, I am particularly enthusiastic about the fact that all facets of the human being are illuminated. This leads to a holistic view of the human being and the associated psychological processes.


The whole is more than the sum of its parts!

As an intern, I run the zweikern blog and also look forward to working closely with the project managers. zweikern enables me to use my interdisciplinary training and my diverse experience in the team to further advance the multi-perspective corporate culture.

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