Only who is strong can help others.

Portrait Dennis Darko
  • 1983
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  • Fitness, Music, Design, Technology
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Ich bin Dennis Darko

Entrepreneur with passion

I like to help out myself and take the reins into my own hands. Even at elementary school age, I got involved in my own projects and implemented them to help other people. It has always been important to me to work in a team. Over the years, I have contributed my expertise to numerous projects and undertakings, such as a three-day charity festival, the initiative “Natürlich Düsseldorf” or the crowdfunding platform “place2help”.I consider the possibility of boundless development to be one of the most important things, without which innovation would not take place on a large scale. Thus, at the age of 20, after my training as a media designer, I founded my own communication and brand agency called “digitalmedia”. The focus here is on companies’ strategic positioning for differentiation in the market, increasing competitiveness, and sustainable value enhancement. At the same time, I studied media informatics to deepen my knowledge of software development further.

zweikern and me

The relationship with zweikern was, from the beginning, an intensive, trusting, and appreciative one. With my communication and brand agency “digitalmedia” I am responsible for the entire appearance of zweikern. Although it is part of my daily business to advise companies and start-ups, zweikern is still outstanding. Rarely have I accompanied a company that has achieved such a development in a few years. It makes me more than proud to work with and for zweikern as an external partner and have a firm place in the company as a team member.

We all share the same goal: Changing the world.

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