The best thing about work is the beauty you see in it.

Portrait Daniel Streit
  • MSc
  • yearOfBirth
  • 1992
  • hobbies
  • tenor saxophone, kyudo, cycling, youth work
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  • +49 (0) 8654 4579727-5


Ich bin Daniel Streit

In my life, there have always been and still are challenges. Many of them I sought specifically - and gladly accepted those that came to me as opportunities. All my challenges have made me grow and become the person I am today. I was happy to accept an invitation from my school to take part in the upper school courses for the highly gifted German and mathematics classes. Even after graduating from high school, I had an insight into the hierarchy of a large corporation and was allowed to discover for myself the view to higher levels. During an internship in the automotive workshop, I again experienced a flatter hierarchy in a small circle. In many children's and young people's camps, I was often able to try out my leadership role as a supervisor and see the group dynamics from this perspective in many different ways. Together with the respective caregivers, I tried to involve the children and young people in the organization in addition to our supervisory duties and coordination and instructional tasks. Since participation is a key value in these camps, I have already tried various ways of participating. In particular, the value of a team compared to the group was clearly evident. In addition to cooperation, successful communication is a key characteristic of a good team and is a prerequisite for cooperation and success.

I have always been interested in connections, motives, causes and consequences. I was fascinated by the diversity and complexity of every interpersonal dynamic. Soon I found people so exciting in their complexity that I preferred to explore psychology instead of physics. There, towards the end, I searched for great connections. As a result, I worked on a meta-analysis in my bachelor thesis and immersed myself further in Data Science during my master's studies. My master's topic involved a lot of work in data processing and its preparation and I started the young master's program Data Science at the same time. Also, during my internship at zweikern I got to know and appreciate the work with zweikern Analytics. Today, as part of this team, I would like to use my knowledge and skills to ensure and improve the tools' quality.

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