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Ich bin Andreas Kerneder

About me ...

From childhood on, I was concerned with why people treat each other the way they do. And with the questions came the questioning. I started my professional life with the best prerequisites and gained my experience as a self-employed employee in various companies in hotel management. That was the first time I encountered destructive communication accompanied by low esteem in the workplace. I quickly realized what a significant impact interpersonal interaction has on my work and the employees’ work and motivation in general. A common thread running through my career is the growing realization that a lack of insight into employees’ needs and fears, which are within each of us, prevents us from thinking and sharing ideas. Thus, a process must be identified that needs to be optimized to guarantee smooth operations in everyday work. Inspired by this, I have made it my goal to work on this development process and have chosen the path of psychology. Communication” as a topic was of great importance during my studies. That made it possible to develop a psychological team coaching concept to re-establish and maintain the connection between managers and employees. From 2011 to 2015, I researched coma and did epilepsy diagnosis, which then became my master’s thesis topic. Fascinated by the complexity of the human psyche, it was essential to me to complete my academic education with a topic that is still relatively unexplored despite its high social presence

....from the question...

Many people find it difficult to stand up for what they think and to take responsibility for this thought. That is shown to me by experiences from conversations that can refer to different life areas—a lack of self-confidence, which makes us doubt our performance, our abilities, and ourselves. In terms of our company position, it can lead to the point where this self-doubt can influence employees’ performance motivation. This dissatisfaction can harm the quality of the work performed. So what can you do to get the best out of your employees over the long term?

...to the solution!

That is where the sustainable management consultancy of zweikern comes into play. It deals with the psychodynamic processes, such as the individual needs and fears of people, and specifically addresses how a company should deal with these. The key lies in the people themselves, who focus on attention and are recognized as the essential capital regardless of their position in the company. In doing so, we at zweikern promote motivation in thinking and acting. By sustainably conveying these points, we create job satisfaction and, once again, long-term, higher quality performance.

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