Lifestyle for Quality

Satisfied employees for better results.
Philosophie Keyvisual - zweikern

Focus on the human being

Working time is lifetime: Lifestyle for Quality

Modern people spend a large part of their time at work. Those who don't feel comfortable doing so will hardly be motivated and will permanently deliver top performance. Essential factors for feeling good at work include appreciation, voice, perspective, etc.

For companies, this means: Improving the workplace's quality, and thus the quality of life of employees promotes innovation, motivation, and commitment.

With a focus on the workplace, zweikern establishes a new lifestyle in your company and thereby triggers sustainable processes in the thinking and actions of all those involved.

Why zweikern

Our starting point - The foundation of zweikern

Companies have to implement an infinite number of transformations and changes and establish them sustainably. In the end, only about 20 - 30% of all initiated processes are lived in the company in the long term. The reason for this is often human nature, which, however, very few consulting companies take into account. Well-sounding measures are developed and put over the company, and finally, the new advertising poster on the wall is nothing more than a nicely meant personnel marketing strategy.

For zweikern, it is essential to see the people in a change as part of it. Here processes and individual measures are developed based on current facts. We dispense with dogmas and only recommend standard measures if these are indicated.

In other words: We want to free companies from the broadband antibiotic without a concrete diagnosis and instead develop concrete project measures.

Meaning in doing

We open new horizons

Employees want to be encouraged and challenged. And they want to feel that their work makes sense. If companies support this desire, they motivate their employees, strengthen them, and open up new horizons for them. These new models and patterns are then transferred by employees into their everyday work for the company's benefit.


Stabilize performance permanently

Successful companies rely on one thing above all: quality. This is the only way they can survive in the long term in an increasingly challenging competitive environment and set themselves apart from the competition. We promote quality through our scientifically based, people-oriented measures and support companies in permanently stabilizing their performance at a high level.


Höhere Wertschöpfung durch gezielte Prozesse

Lifestyle for Quality ist kein Selbstzweck, sondern folgt ganz klar der Prämisse, die Wertschöpfung zu steigern und damit den Umsatz dauerhaft zu erhöhen. Unsere Prozesse führen zu wesentlich höherer Effizienz und Produktivität. Dadurch leisten die Mitarbeiter ohne Druck und immer härtere Vorgaben mit Freude mehr und verbessern auf diese Weise kontinuierlich das Betriebsergebnis.


Higher added value through targeted processes

Lifestyle for Quality is not an end in itself, but clearly follows the premise of increasing added value and permanently boosting sales. Our processes lead to significantly higher efficiency and productivity. As a result, our employees are happy to do more without pressure and ever more stringent specifications, thereby continuously improving their functional outcomes.


We fight against standstill

Standstill is the enemy of success. That is why it is part of our zweikern DNA to make changes that lead to success. We restructure processes, set new guidelines, and implement new behavioral patterns. In this way, we force positive changes that establish themselves and are supported by all those involved. This commitment is part of the strategy "Success through change".

The human being

Responsibility, communication, and competence

Working time is lifetime. That is why we focus on people, and all our processes are tailored to people. We implement a new understanding of responsibility, communication, and competence, which is internalized and sustainably implemented by the employees. In this way, people and companies grow together.

That is what lies behind zweikern

We do not speak of empty phrases but create facts

Achieving a target goal without exact knowledge of the current situation is like a journey through the jungle of the most common and usually already burnt organizational development strategies.

Combining our analysis software zweikern Analytics and the consulting concept of zweikern leads to action plans based on facts.

For us, the highest goal is to involve people in a change in such a way that measures are not implemented merely pointlessly, but can be shaped by each individual.

Focus on people

Only those who feel comfortable with the company will support its decisions. That is why people are the focus of our work.

No beliefs but facts

We do not make decisions based on feelings. zweikern builds on facts to develop effective measures.

Innovation instead of status quo

zweikern focuses on innovative and individual solutions. For us, it is out of the question to impose a status quo that does not fit your company.

Help for helping themselves

zweikern accompanies people in the company in many different ways. To ensure sustainment, we see consulting as help for self-help.

zweikern follows principles

That is what we stand for

zweikern appreciates the high level of trust of its customers. This trust is based on an attitude of integrity and alignment with our guiding principles.

We stand up for our principles and do not have to please everyone.
We work on the basis of facts and not with dogmas.
We are questioning the status quo and are always looking for new solutions.
We see people as the key to success.
We encourage and demand independent thinking and acting.
We empower companies to help themselves.
We live quality, every day, without compromise.