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We founded zweikern because of a market situation where a uniform grey was sold at a high price, but standard consulting models have left hardly any traces. zweikern breaks up old and no longer adequate organizational and management structures from the 1970s and enables companies to react innovatively and sustainably with their employees to necessary changes.

With our versatile processes, we analyze this and develop individual action plans based on the findings. These help companies to achieve their goals together with their employees.

In our projects, we accompany companies through the change process, so that not only pretty posters on the walls are left, but also an actual change of culture takes place. In this way, companies can remain flexible and successful in the future.

The founders of zweikern

An interdisciplinary team of experts

A unique approach requires special skills in numerous disciplines. Specialists from different fields combine experience and skills from social, economic, occupational psychology, computer science, and quality management to achieve the greatest possible effect.

zweikern as service provider

The fusion of digital analysis and analog consulting

Companies work on many goals and visions communicated to employees in the form of elaborately designed perspectives or agendas. However, knowledge about the degree to which this vision has been achieved is usually not forthcoming, and important improvement is overlooked. Thus, until the set goals are reached, energy and time are invested in projects that cannot eliminate the actual pain points of change.

zweikern has addressed this problem by developing individual questionnaires and aligning them with the formulated goals. The questionnaires are collected in the form of short impulse surveys using the specially developed system zweikern Analytics. In this way, our customers cannot only focus on what is really needed in the shortest possible time but also involve the stakeholders within the company in the achievement of their goals in a resource-saving manner.

zweikern Analytics


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