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Painful but efficient

With zweikern Analytics, corporate analyses can be implemented and evaluated without much effort. The contents of the analysis are individually and specifically adapted to the objectives of the company.

Our analysis tool enables the smooth integration of each person into the change process. Thus, we create the necessary basis for self-reflection and the commitment to the successful implementation of objectives.

With zweikern Analytics, organizational and personnel development is no longer a blind flight. It is a software tool that makes even abstract topics tangible.

The approach in projects

The use of zweikern Analytics

zweikern develops, within the framework of consulting, business analyses for its customers based on individual objectives. In zweikern Analytics, these analyses can be integrated, performed, and evaluated.

Companies can be represented in their complex organizational structures and hierarchies in zweikern Analytics. That makes it possible to invite entire company divisions for analysis at the push of a button. The detailed evaluation and insight into the analysis results are customized for each authorized person and during an ongoing project.

Each individual receives a password-protected account and has access at any time to those results that are important for his or her self-reflection.

Our actions are based on the underlying survey results. zweikern Analytics accompanies these measures by evaluating the impact and observing them over time. Thus, improvements can be seen, but also contrary trends are pointed out.

That prevents that the organization is presented with standards that obscure the view of the goal. With zweikern Analytics, the people within an organization are listened to promptly and can thus experience a direct and high degree of participation in the development of measures.

The framework for action

zweikern Analytics creates facts

With zweikern Analytics, each user receives individual access to the system, with which he/she can access his/her specific results at any time. That enables a smooth identification of personal development potentials. Actions can thus be derived based on facts.

zweikern Analytics supports the project staff to control themselves over time concerning their development. Current actual conditions before, during, and after a measure can be repeatedly depicted, from which the necessary adjustments to the measures can be derived.

Companies and people's development is a continuous, never-ending process, which makes it necessary to adapt it over time. With zweikern Analytics, complicated and diffuse topics are made tangible.

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This can be done by the tool

zweikern Analytics and its features

zweikern Analytics is a comprehensive tool that brings extensive functions with it. From the administration of your questionnaires to the coordination of your own planned analyses to the direct evaluation of results, our software is a competent helper. This way, we support you to concentrate your time resources, especially on the actual measures for your company's development.

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